A couple bugs and feature weirdnesses

  1. The shift-command-R for Power Rename does not work (nothing happens).
  2. AudioCortext does not have a way to close its window other than right-clicking on it in the dock and choosing quit.
  3. Sorting by one of the columns (size, time, bits, etc) does not persist if the folder content changes (i.e. you make a reversed or normalized version of a file as a copy).
  4. wavtags exist and are built-in metadata in wav files: here’s how the 1010 Blackbox uses them, for example. Why doesn’t AudioFinder write to metadata internal to the file so that root key, BPM, and such are portable?
  5. Similarly, reading metadata already in the file would be nice or at least parsing it from the filename: i.e. if I have a file named bassloop_120_Fm.aif it would be very handy if AudioFinder would know that it is a bass loop in Fm at 120 BPM. It does read Acid Wave metadata but that metadata is strangely frozen in there and unable to be transferred to AudioFinder’s internal metadata system.
  6. Back to Power Rename: the killer feature for me would be to create a whole folder/filename structure out of what AudioFinder knows about a file. To be able to build a folder path and filename out of metadata tags – like you’d be able to with nearly every media library/player – and then batch rename things is, like, everything I want out of life. Nuke the original filename, I don’t care. Let me push a button and rename hundreds of files like loop/$TYPE/$BPM/$KEY-001.wav and I’m sending everyone in development a fruit basket.

AudioFinder is close to being the best sample manager I have found. I’d say it’s currently the best for loops due to its ability to edit individual bars + beats and tap the BPM (surprisingly few sample managers have tap tempo!). It could be the best for harmonic samples – especially multisamples – if it could read and write things like root note into the file. (It can rename on that criterion now: so close!)

Thanks for all your hard work.

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confirm power rename does nothing

I’ll send along a thai green curry, with a coconut juice if I could just see on the customisable tool bar what the bypass processing out folder status is,

Not really got into meta data - I found naming my files with tags to be sufficient along with a library filing system. bookmarks are great

feels to me that audiofinder 606 is really slow compared to 5.68. any tips on speediing it up?


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I’m gonna reply to me and note that the AudioCortex “Guess Frequency” function is…pointless. It doesn’t write that data anywhere. Furthermore, why can’t AudioCortex write tags into AudioFinder? It’ll do that thing where it adds them to macOS Finder (which is cool, don’t get me wrong) but I’m kinda beside myself with confusion why it won’t write those tags into AudioFinder. It’s almost like they’re two different apps by two different companies.

Not really got into meta data - I found naming my files with tags to be sufficient along with a library filing system.

Sure, that would be cool if I were starting a sample library from scratch but I’m trying to organize 20+ years’ worth of samples. I’d like AudioFinder to make that easier for me by some automation features and if that’s applying tags or metadata or renaming, whatever works, I’d just like to use its abilities to make using my samples in other apps easier.

(Not calling you out by any means, just explaining my use here in case a dev comes along and reads this thread.)

The developer was very close to achieving this Auto Tagging system with Audio Cortex. However, It’s yet to be integrated into Audio Finder.

Waves just released a free Sample Manager Called Cosmos. It features an AI algorithm that sorts your music. This might help you out.


Yep, I tried the Waves app. My quick review:

Quick review:
:white_check_mark: :heavy_plus_sign: it does key and BPM and length!
:white_check_mark: :heavy_plus_sign: it’s fast!
:white_check_mark: UI is not so bad
:woman_shrugging: no options or config at all
:heavy_minus_sign: :cry: does not write tags into the files (wavtag, aiff tags, mp3, flac, all of ’em)

Its key analysis is the best I’ve found so far (short of writing a lua script). Timing info is a bit more rough.

AudioFinder still nearly leads because it can write this data into the file. It’s incredibly annoying when software manufacturers lock you into their system. Make my data portable. If you can’t use internal audio file metadata, at least write an xmp sidecar or something.