AF no longer shows up in Spotlight

I have AF 6.0.6 installed on two Macs, both running Monterey, and when I type “AudioFinder” in Spotlight, Spotlight no longer finds the application. It finds folders with the title, documents containing the title, Safari history, etc.—but not the application. As a result, I’m forced to dig into the Applications folder (and my subfolders) to launch AF.

On one of the Macs, I’ve already rebuilt the Spotlight index, to no avail. I’ve also rebuilt launch services, to no avail.

Finally, AudioFinder is, so far, the only app that I’ve noticed Spotlight is unable to find. This seems to suggest (inconclusively) that something may be amiss with the AF application itself.

What is going on here?

Maybe there’s a solution on this page:

Also thought that maybe creating an alias to the Audiofinder app could help.
Or, of course, put it in the dock…

Thanks for the suggestions. I really appreciate them.

• I followed the steps in the article for manually adding an item to Spotlight via Terminal. On two Macs, the command completed—but it didn’t work. Spotlight still doesn’t find AudioFinder.

• I also tried creating an alias. That was a good idea, but it didn’t work.

• I know I can Add AudioFinder to my dock, but I don’t want to do so.

I have hundreds of apps, and the only one that Spotlight doesn’t “see” is AudioFinder.

That’s too bad. I don’t use Spotlight that much because often it doesn’t - or finds too much.
For searching I’m using the freeware tool ‘Easyfind’, but in your case it’ll find all Audiofinder named files.

Which reminds me, you can rename a file in the applications folder, so you could change AF in something like ‘app AF’ - and have it found with Easyfind. Don’t know if it’s Monterey compatible…

Thank you.

I guess my experience with Spotlight is more favorable than yours. I find it quite capable (except in this one instance, which is why I wonder if the problem could be with the way the app package is configured).

Once in a blue moon, reindexing of Spotlight always fixes any little issues that might creep up. But this time, nothing is working.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

I am experiencing this too. It’s the strangest thing. Nothing I do in spotlight gets audiofinder to show up in search results

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Four months later, still no change. :pensive:

Can you use Finder selection? As soon as it disappeared from the spotlight search, I can’t use it. I went through the same steps you did, went so far as reinstalling Big Sur…
I’ve asked the dev for help because I can’t use it almost since I bought it but to no avail.