APPLE logic NEEDS to buy this program

i like the tutorial ,but a guy in demo mode who hasn’t even used this program is NOT A GOOD LOOK.someone make a proper tutorial, it wouldn’t cost lots of money to get a internet know all to sit-down and make a excellent video in depth, sales would go thru the roof ,it seems to me this heavy weight program has dust on it and im thinking its going to be given up on, it scares me,

I’m not sure what tutorial you’re referring to, but yes. Someone needs to make a decent tutorial. The only ones I can find on Iceaudio’s YouTube channel are less than 3 mins each and from 2011 and earlier! And they’re specific to certain tasks. There’s no basic Getting Started info anywhere. AudioFinder is a great app, but it’s super complex. I’ve used it for years and still have real problems figuring out how to accomplish basic tasks.

And yes, if someone with better resources bought AudioFinder I’d be a lot more comfortable. I’ve been checking out other search apps, in case AudiFinder goes under, but nothing comes close in terms of bang for buck. SoundMiner’s $800 version still doesn’t have a few of the features I like in AudioFinder.

what are you talking about? giving up on it? my friend, i am about to release something that is so new and cutting edge, it will be a first in the world. i have been saying for a long time on this forum, simply adding more features to AudioFinder has become problematic because it disrupts too many users workflows. AudioFinder has become too complex for most people. AudioCortex is a project i’ve spend a few years focused on, but it’s cutting edge and these things take time.

about tutorials, AudioFinder is a pro app with too many possible workflows. it evolved since 2003 to support various needs in the community. there’s no one workflow that can be captured in it.

AudioCortex is so easy it doesn’t need a manual. stay tuned. this summer is the summer of the new way to find your sounds.

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Hmm. AudioFinder is no more complex than most DAWs or other search apps. Seems like a basic how-to video that explains (at least one way) how to scan your library to create a database and how to best search that database wouldn’t be difficult. Really basic things that seem obvious to the developer are simply not to new users - or to me often, and I’ve used it for years.

I can tell you’re excited about the new AudioCortex. It sounds like some next-level stuff! I’m glad to see AF is developing, but until we see it in action I think it’s hard for some of us to share your enthusiasm or understand why it’s such a game changer…but we will I’m sure! Thanks for your hard work. I look forward to being enlightened.


I bought this program years ago, , LEARNED HOW TO USE IT BY USING IT!!!
Never needed a single tutorial, just learned by doing.
It’s not that hard.

Well, I’m not as smart as you (or most probably), but, per the OP, the lack of support videos makes AudioFinder really seem abandoned. No YouTube page might be batter than one that’s not been updated in years.

Btw, how do I add a single sound effect to the database? Whenever I do AF can’t find it after I quit and restart the app. The Menu item ‘Add Sounds Manually’ doesn’t work at all for me. Do I need to rescan something when I do this?

Also, to search using AF I can click Database or Scan in the sidebar, and then enter a search term. Searching the Database can find many more results than Scan, but Scan lets you ‘exclude’ after the search while the Database search does not. I don’t understand the difference between these two, or why there are two ways. Is there a way to get the Scan search to have the same results as the Database search? How do others search their FX using AF?

Also, is there an easier way to get a pitched selection of an effect into a DAW other than first creating a new file from the selection, then pitching that file and dragging that to the DAW? I suspect there is a better way, but can’t figure it out.

Thanks for any help anyone can give on any of these!

AudioFinder is priced $69.95 with lifetime free updates. If you prefer, I’ll raise the price to $200 and charge for updates and pay employees to make demo videos? There’s a reason niche software is expensive, there is not a vast market. I never thought charging $800 for software was fair to artists, so my approach is to keep the price down and now expand in a company with employees and overhead.

To answer you questions.

1: Advanced Search lets you exclude
2: There are two ways because users won’t let me simplify the app. Some people only want scans and other people only want the database. I can’t change anything anymore without someone being really upset. That’s why I’m building a new app that is dead simple AudioCortex is my answer to AudioFinder being too complex. And it’s free for AudioFinder users. AudioFinder is a big truck, AudioCortex is a sportscar

3: Pitch selection as a new file is not avoidable – too long to explain why.

oh and here’s the new video ha

I’d be happy to pay $200 and pay for updates actually. AudioFinder is well worth it in my opinion.

Thanks for the response re Scan and Database search. That makes sense. DAWs all have the same legacy problems to contend with. And, I see, now, that I can exclude via Database search. Thx.

The new AudioCortex feature looks like an amazing achievement. Congrats! I’m sure there are many people who catalog music libraries that will find it useful. I’m sure you’ll continue to update AF as well…yes?

Yes. AF will kept alive and well.

I’m not that smart… I work at a music store as a full time manager.
As I said, I learn by doing.
It’s as simple as that.

How does one add a single sound file to the AF database? Is it necessary to reimport the entire folder? Add Sounds Manually doesn’t work for me.

I ask this elsewhere but there’s very little traffic on the forum and it’s something need to do frequently. Thx

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