ARM M1 Based Macs

Like you, I’m not lucky enough to be given an ARM Mac before it’s released. I don’t know at the moment how well AudioFinder works on ARM Macs. But I’m here to tell you I ordered one yesterday for testing AudioFinder and will post updates if needed. I totally didn’t need an ARM Mac, I’m happy with my Mac Pro desktop. I bought this system, just to support AudioFinder users. It’s a financial loss for me, I won’t charge for updates, because I never charge for updates.


Thank you! Hopefully you can use that system for something else as well in the end.

Ok test AudioFinder and works great on the M1 with Rosetta

Hello, thank you a lot for this good news!

I did not receive mine yet and my old eleven years Mac Pro 2009 died, so I’m nude at the moment! :smiley:

Anyway, do plan de re-write it to optimize it for M1 and, maybe reducing its footprint on the system (if any)?

AudioCortex is already M1 native, because the code built for using the latest OS it was easy. The biggest problem with AudioFinder is to make it M1 native I’m going to have to drop support for earlier versions of macOS. For now in my testing AudioFinder running under Rosetta 2 is faster on the M1 than AuidoFinder running native on Intel.

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Sounds good, thank you. :heart_eyes:

P.S: as it is a major update, I personally think this one could/should be a paid one. I’m almost sure no one would complain about it. Since I bought the license, I never paid for any update. M1 is a new platform and if you rewrite it you will bring a native version which should outperform the universal version. Even if you ask only 9.99 $/euros for it, you invested in a new MAC hardware + the dev job. From my point of view you should be paid for it. Totally legitim to me! :slight_smile:

RE P.S: if you really don’t want a paid update, maybe you could add a “donate” button. Well, again, I think you deserve to earn money just for being so reactive. :wink: :innocent:

Hey thanks. I am no different than anyone else here, I buy software myself and feel like if you purchase something you should own it. Rebuying things you already bought or renting software is unfair in my opinion, if you buy a guitar you don’t need to keep rebuying that guitar yearly to keep playing it. I bought Photoshop back in 2012 and it was very expensive. I only need it for making icons and stuff for the app and website, I use it a few times per year. However, at some point I updated my OS and it doesn’t run anymore, instead of a software update, I actually have to rent Photoshop monthly now. I lost all the money for the purchase of Photoshop and now have to pay monthly for an app I use maybe 1-2 times per month. Now multiply that by all the other software we need and use and it’s very expensive. I am really against the software rental model.

I am still working on figuring out AudioFinder for M1 and how far back I can support the older versions of macOS.

Hi there :slight_smile:

I can’t argue against your argument indeed! I have to admit it is full of wisdom :slight_smile: