AudioCortex Beta 1 is here!

Hello AudioFinder community as promised here comes the AudioCortex beta. AudioCortex is free with AudioFinder, but it’s being built as a companion app because AudioFinder supports OS versions back 10.7 and AudioCortex requires OS 10.14 or news. There’s no other way to support legacy OS versions in AudioFinder and add modern features that require the newer version of OS X without breaking the new features out into their own app.

At the moment, the integration between AudioFinder and AudioCortex isn’t completed, they don’t communicate with each other, that will happen and is a planned feature. Right now I’m focused on getting AudioCortex working well and once that task is complete, it will integrate seamlessly with AudioFinder.

When AudioCortex launches it will show its manual, please try and read the short manual, I have tried to answer most of the predicted questions in there.

It’s important to remember, AudioCortex is not an AudioFinder replacement, it’s a tool built for a specific task. That task is using machine learning to describe sounds that have no metadata or useful file names. If you are like me you may have millions of sounds with file names like SND_01.wav, that unless you actually listen to you have no idea what they are. Even if you could spend a half second listening to such sounds, it could take you a lifetime to audition them by ear.

Also note: this is entirely new technology, using machine learning to identify sounds is cutting and therefore it’s not perfect. The good news is by definition it can learn and with your help will teach it to be amazing. Those who want to help train it will get acknowledgement in the app About panel.

If you have old hardware you performance may be sluggish, because AudioCortex uses the GPU extensively to run the machine learning.

Requires macOS 10.14 or newer
You can download the beta here:

Iced: over here it doesn’t run on 10.13. Earlier on, you already said Audio Cortex would need 10.14 minimal. So I was happy to read it runs on 10.13, but that seems to be a type-o…

Ugh sorry that was my sloppy iPhone typing and lazy proof reading. You need Mojave or newer, You can blame Apple they make this so difficult, they make backwards compatibility virtually impossible.

In fact I gave up using software synths a few years ago because unless I complete a project within a magic window of time the chances of it opening in the future due to the OS changes decrease each day