AudioFinder Bug Sur big fixes in out now


I have been busy launching AudioCortex on the App Store. Also, working on some Big Sur bugs in AudioFinder, nothing crashes, there’s just a couple of annoying visual bugs due to Apple deprecating an API AudioFinder used for rendering. I missed finding those bugs in my first Big Sur update.

I expect to get that out before the end of the month.


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It’s ready to go!

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Graphics issues are gone both in the mini player in the main window and in the sample editor!

Mouse wheel no longer zooms in and out though… Couldn’t figure out a way to enable that and I couldn’t find any key commands that do it so I could add it to the Logitech stuff hehe.

AudioFinder itself is A LOT snappier and smoother now too, feels like its finally at home with Big Sur. Great job as always!

I disabled the zoom via he scroll wheel because a lot of people complained it was happening by accident when scrolling horizontally with the track pad. It became a lot easier to make happen once scrolling became as fast as it is now, I kept causing that myself. Compare the scroll speed in 6.0.4 it’s almost 100x faster now.

Use the up and down arrow keys for zoom in. I know it’s annoying at first but you get used to it quick.

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AWESOME! I could’ve sworn I tried the up and down arrow but maybe I was holding option or something at the same time. Thats perfect, I can set the mouse wheel to the up and down arrow in just AudioFinder in the Logitech software for my mouse! I use the sample editor alot for cutting apart old audio sample cd’s where you get tracks with 10 different samples crammed into them you have to chop yourself. The mouse wheel made it super fast to drop a whole bunch of slice points, zoom real quick to make sure Im on the right spot to cut and zoom back out to move to the next section. I can make it work this way!

I didn’t delete the code to work with the scroll wheel, I just disabled it. I can make it a preference in the next update.

I have not worked on the Sample Tool code in a few years as I’ve been busy with the AI stuff. Now that I just rewrote the scrolling and it’s fast, I’m probably going to do some more refreshes in it next year.

This is a classic example tho of how I can make one small change and someone was using it that I didn’t realize was using it and I accidentally interrupt their workflow. A lot of modern software has usage trackers in, they monitor all the things people do and then send that back to the main server. I don’t do that and I won’t do that, but this means I also don’t know which parts of the app ever even being used by people.

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I wouldn’t say it broke my workflow, Im just a little slower now haha. As long as we can zoom in general, Im happily working away as usual (just bought a bunch of sample packs this weekend so now its time to organize them!). I couldn’t assign my mouse wheel to the arrows, but I assigned the back/forward buttons so I just have to click click click a few times to zoom, but its pretty fast with those buttons for now. A preference later would be cool, no rush though!

How do you like Big Sur so far? I’m half way using – my laptop is Big Sur, my Mac Pro is still Catalina because so much other pro audio software isn’t working right. I think it will be a good OS in a few months, right now it’s pretty sketchy.

I like it so far. I retired my 2010 Mac Pro back in June and got an i7 Mini that came with Catalina so Big Sur wasn’t that different really. Almost all of my software was working day 1 for the most part, my MOTU interface works, my old AMT 8 MIDI interface still works. Surprisingly, even Akai’s sloppy MPC software still works and I can mount my MPC on the desktop. I use hardware for everything still, so most of my time on the Mac is either just playing on the internet, using Audio Finder to organize stuff before I send it to my MPC, or Logic Pro.

Awesome. Big Sur is getting better.