Audiofinder Quick Look not behaving with split stereo files?

Hi there - long time Audiofinder user here; I pretty much only use the “Audio Quick Look” window and have it set to autohide in Finder Selection Mode.

When looking at split stereo files (xx.L, xx.R) in Audiofinder, I need to select both the .L and .R files in the finder as expected, but in the Quick Look pane, with BOTH L and R displaying, “Join Dual Mono to Stereo” is greyed out. It only becomes available if I open the main Audiofinder window and select both files.

More importantly (for me), the “Spot To Pro Tools” command only spots in the .L file even when both are selected in the finder and displayed in Quick Look. Again, I have to open the main Audiofinder window and select both files there before it will correctly spot a split stereo file to Pro Tools.

Seems like something’s wonky here, no?

Posted this 2 weeks ago - any word on what’s going on here?

I haven’t gotten any response to this either here or via support email - unfortunately this issue is unchanged in the latest update (5.9.27). Unless it’s something specific to my system, or I’m missing something, Quick Look pane still does not handle split stereo files correctly.