Audiofinder's "Spot to Logic" function isn't working


So I’ve updated my Logic Pro X to 10.5. Also, my MacOS is in 10.15.4, Audiofinder 5.9.7

Audiofinder’s “Spot to Logic” function isn’t working.
Seems like every time I tried to spot to logic session, Logic automatically jump up an “import audio” window.

Any thoughts?

Just checked. It’s working in 10.14 with the current version. Realize that isn’t useful for you, but I recently updated to Mojave and hadn’t tried the spot to logic feature since updating.

When I did I got the ‘allow’ notification that applications have required since 10.14.
Maybe check your security and/or accessibility settings to see if this solves it somehow?

If that isn’t clear I mean when you’re prompted with this window:


(Sorry to hear btw. Catalina is an absolute mess…)