[Bug] - Varispeed/Pitch Shift Ignores C-1 Pitch Changes

Hi there!

As I was in the process of seeking support, I discovered a bug with the recognition of changes made to files.

In the AudioFinder manual, under the Varispeed/Pitch Shift tool description, the last line states “If nothing has been changed, this menu item is disabled”. The issue I was encountering that led me to seek support via the forums was that the tool in question was not activating, even though I had used the Mini-keyboard to shift a selected file down one octave from C0 to C-1. However, when I went to take screenshots to demonstrate this issue, I instead clicked D-1 and attempted to use the Varispeed/Pitch Shift tool, and it actually worked! I then tried many different notes, all of which were picked up as changes to the file and thus allowed the Pitch Shift tool to activate and do its magic. The only exception was C-1 not being recognized as a change to the selected audio file.

System info:
AudioFinder 6.0.4
macOS Catalina 10.15.7
AudioFinder-Support folder located on an external drive alongside the same files its index is referencing
AudioFinder has permission to access files on external drives

If I’ve come to the wrong place for proper bug reports, please let me know, and I’ll be sure to send it up the correct channels.



Thanks,I’ll take a look