[BUG] Wrong Waveform Displayed

sometimes the wrong waveforms are displayed in Audio Finder, I tried deleting the cache and rebuilding but I keep getting the wrong Wavefoms displayed:

It not just happened one I get that regularly.
Is that a known bug ?

macOS Mojave

I’ll take a look, thanks

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I am the only one having this issue ?!

The files that calculate the waveform are cached. But if something changes them AND doesn’t update the mod date it won’t know if it’s changed. Is there a chance something changed the files? Empty the Waveform Cache to see

I get that immediate after emptying cache, see second video at ca 023, there I open the menu and delete the cache, I also mentioned that in my initial post. read it ?

I try re-installing audio finder completely

no error so far after reinstalling ! looks good so far. I will report back when it happens again.