Can't change gain by precise amounts in dBs

I have several audio files whose gain I need to increase by exactly 6 dB. I figured this would be a piece of cake in AudioFinder, but I discovered that when using Process > Change Gain…, we cannot specify the amount of change in dBs at all. Instead, there’s a slider that affects the percentage field—in whole integers only—and the dB field is updated automatically. Furthermore, although the percentage field can be pop-edited, the dB field cannot.

As such, the closest I could get to 6 dB was 200%, which equals 6.02 dB of gain. While that’s very close, it’s not precise enough for the task at hand. I need exactly 6 dB and not a hair over or under.

I suspect that for most users, it would be more useful to be able to pop-edit the dB field, rather than the percentage field. Bottom line: Why not allow us to specify either percentage or dBs, whichever is needed? That would be most helpful. Thanks for considering this.

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It’s a great point. I’ll look into it. Frankly since I don’t spy on how users use AudioFinder I don’t know what features people are using. I tend to leave features be if I don’t hear about people using them.

*spy – lost of software now phones home and tells the developer how often you use a feature. I find that a major violation of trust.

Awesome. Thanks for considering this!

Seconded, was wanting to do the exact same thing these past few days :slight_smile: