Drag to Logic 10.5 sampler

Hi, I used to be able to drag a multiple select of drum samples from audiofinder to the new Sampler in Logic 10.5, this would automatically map the keys from c1 upwards.
Now it only recognises one sample. Do you know if Logic has dropped support for multiple samples from external apps or is this just a bug? Thanks.

Yup I’ve just tested this out and your correct. This actually seems to be a problem directly related to Audio Finder and Logic X. Furthermore Mixed in Key also has the same problem so looks more Logic X related. I’m sure there will be a fix soon.

Dragging Multiple files from folders works just fine. I do have a workaround that might help you. I use a programme called Meta - https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/52180/meta.

You can drag the files from Audio finder onto Meta and then into Logic from there. You essentially want a programme that doesn’t create a copy of the file just links to the original finder locations. Then take it into Logic from there.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile: