Dropbox database

I work in my studio and on the road on my laptop. I have a duplicate libraries on my server and on an external drive.

Is it possible to use a Dropbox folder as the database location, but have it reference the server at home, and the external drive when I’m on the laptop?

Would this work? Or would it clash?

Hi ! I know it’s an old topic but I have the question : Did you receive a reply about it or tried with Dropbox ?

It’s a long time ago for sure. I think I looked into it but the database references file locations and they were obviously different between the studio server and the laptop with external drive.

I guess in theory it could work if your effects were all on a drive called /sfx at home and your external drive was also called the same, and maybe some cleverness with symlinks for the dB location…

But thats not my home setup - they’re all on another machine as a server at home.