Email or Forum support which is better?

Hi Folks,

So as you have seen there are times where I don’t check the forum and feels like I’m gone forever. But I’m spending a big part of each day in email proving 1:1 support for users. I get exhausted after that and just don’t have the time to do it here.

Should I just drop email support and send everyone to forum and then I just focus on this?

What would be best for support? If you could not get support at all via email, but could count on it here, would that be okay? I have always privatized email, maybe that’s wrong?

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I think dropping e-mail support entirely and redirect people to the forum should be totally fine. In the worst case, you spend the same amount of time answering the questions in the forums. In the best case, the users can find their answers from other users who had the same question or find other users who can help.
Well, and maybe the “Audio Finder is dead! The end is near! There will never be another update!”-panic every few years will cease as well, wouldn’t that be nice? :smiley:

yes, that would be ideal!

Yes, I do agree with Blip.

Btw, I find your forum very pleasant to use and very relaxing for the eyes.

Thanks, it’s not the typical free PHPBB software, I felt it was important to pay for something good.