Expoert Slices broken?

I used to be able to go into the Sample Editor and set slice points and then export the slices as separate files. Now after I set the slices the export slices command is grayed out. Using the latest Audio Finder on High Sierra.

Do you have a loop on? Works fine here but one of the files I opened (copy of an Amen break) has loop points in it, the Export button (and the X key) didn’t work until I turned off the loop points.

The weird part is, I set a bunch of slices (with the loop on), the Export button was greyed out and the command on the File menu was greyed out. I hit X just to see if it would work and it wiped all the slices and the loop from the file.

No loop on. Just a normal file. I did find a work around - set slices using the timing slice button (1/8 or what ever you like) then move the slices to where you want, add any more slices need by hand then the export slice button works. Fine for now.

I haven’t made any changes in that part of the code in a few years. Can you post a screen shot?