FEATURE REQUEST: Save Search Feature - or - Tabbed Searches

I current have 1.5 million samples (o_O)

Sometimes I don’t get to finish searching or spotting the same day. Other times I want to track down a specific file again… I’d really like to see the ability to save and recall searches.

Another thing that would be insanely useful would be to have multiple search tabs.

Why? Because sometimes a keyword pops into your head in the middle of another search.
Being able to open a new tab and perform that search right then and there without closing the previous search would be a huge time saver; probably for a lot of people…

To recall a search: you can save search results in lists: search for something, then hit the white library button in the upper left corner. A menu opens, select ‘save list as’ - give the result a name. The result will show up in the Saved Lists -tab in the left pane of Audiofinder. You can even drag & drop newer search results to lists already created.
Your other request can be handled in a similar way.

I already have over 100 saved lists, not to mention every drive indexed with 1.5 million samples. The point of this request is to save search keywords, not add to an already cumbersome number of lists. These lists are also not temporary. These are standard lists I navigate to manage that many samples…

Because doing a full system scan will eat up an afternoon I’m kind of stuck having to work with each drive being its own list. It’s not uncommon to perform the same search on multiple disks, and its useful to be able to remind yourself of certain keywords that you’re likely to search for semi-regularly…

This also doesn’t address the tabbed browsing request. With multiple drives it would be incredibly useful to have a tab open for each drive and if needed perform the same search across multiple drives.

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