Finder Selection not working in AudioFinder 6.0.4 for me

Hi! Thanks for the great ever-updating software!! I’m afraid I haven’t used it much of late because one of my main uses for it (I know - it’s like driving to the supermarket on a spaceship…) is to preview REX files (I know - who uses REX files anymore??) on the Finder, and it hasn’t been working for a while for me. Can you please help? I’m using the latest 6.0.4 version.

To be clear: when I select Finder Selection and select a file in the Finder, it doesn’t appear in AudioFinder.

Working fine here. I didn’t even know I had any REX files left but found a bunch in a pack I bought recently from Zero-G, they were all opening in Audio Finder just like wavs are.

Never played with the Finder Selection option before that’s pretty cool. Pic is tiny but that’s a folder full of RX2’s there.

So you need to make sure you have given AudioFinder permission to do this.

Apple has really tightened down what apps are allowed to do. In general most things can be fixed in Security Privacy

Thanks for checking it out!

I’m missing the (probably don’t need it anyway…) and Finder checkboxes. How can I get them to appear?

Sorry - sorted!! Trashed the preferences on my user folder>Library and it’s now working! Thanks!

Awesome thanks for letting me know