Folders outside of home on system drive

I used to use a single partition for system and a separate drive for audio, but after being forced to use a more modern OS for some video editing I was required to have 2 operating systems as my video card solution for protools only works up until PT10 HD

after installing the later OS I seem to have lost access to the 2nd “audio partition” which is now the more modern OS , when running 10.9.5 on the original system drive -

No big deal, but I was finding it a pain to have to dive down thru the path user/document/etc /etc to get to my documents. unnecessary faff when relinking files/ backup s etc … life is too short.

so I created a folder on the top of the tree called "doc root " or what ever and have my files there.

I still have a library drive as USB. but I am making a lot of recording for a project at the minute, but audio finder even in the latest carnation will not allow me to “show in browser”

I can see the files in audio file if they are in favourites, but thats not so convenient as if I rename etc - have to go fish them out again…

any thoughts?

Have you tried dragging the folders from finder into your favourites or another sidebar group in Audio Finder?

You can do this for folders from external devices also.

If you update the information in those folders (rename) you can simply click off the folder - then back on and the info will be updated.

You can also select the folder in Audio Finder and then hit the Scan ‘name of folder’ under Library. It will scan the folder and all subfolders. Click refresh at the top to update the scan.

dragging the folder in also shows a blank folder - and the browser view seems to display incorrect path…

I think AF cant handle that path - the folder is blank - the path is non existent - just shows top of the drive

doesnt matter which version - even the latest version is like this, the latest version has a couple of graphics bugs for me occasionally - just fired up in a version 5 here.

Hi Martain, you might have to wait and see what ICED thinks about this one. It looks like it might have something to do with formatting or permissions.

One last thing you could try - have you tried creating a new list - and dragging all the audio files directly onto the list from that zoom recording folder?

You coulda also try using Finder Selection Mode (bottom left icon) to see if it picks up the files that way.

One more thing is to try Reindex that hard drive with Spotlight Search and then use that to pick it up in Audio Finder.

Sorry for slow replies, have been super duper busy. Try setting this

Show System Owned Locations

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