How do I export pitch-shifted files?

If I change the pitch of an audio file I’m auditioning and then drag it to my DAW the file shows up at the original pitch. Is there a way to make that happen automatically, as it does in all other search library apps, or do I have to Process the file and then drag that in? Thx!

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Click [Ctrl P] after you change the pitch, then a new file with changed pitch get’s created - leaving the original unaltered. With a mouse it’s located under Proces > Varispeed/Pitchshift.

Thanks. Actually the pitched file appears directly above the original in the search results in my setup. I was hoping to avoid that step. With other apps the pitched file is created automatically in the background. Weird that AudioFinder can’t do this. Thanks again!

…and, unless someone has a better method, even more of a PIA is AudioFinder can only pitch entire files, rather than just a selection. So to pitch a selection I have to 1. make a selection, 2. create a new file, 3. pitch that new file, 4. drag that file to the DAW.

Is there anyway to simplify this that I’m unaware of? Thx