I want to love AudioFinder; I need your help! :)

Hi everyone!
I bought AudioFinder because I couldn’t manage my SFX library with iTunes anymore, but as much as I want to like the app, I just don’t get certain concepts. Don’t hesitate to call me lazy and dumb, but it seems like I don’t understand some basic features and it’s driving me insane.

-I have an SSD full of sound effects, well organized in folders. I only want to type “car horn” in a search tab and see all my car horn sounds and browse thru them.

Seems simple enough, right? But EVERY time I do Database Search for my Library, included in the results are copies of files from missing drives. I delete my library, Import my SSD… and those damn old “ghost files” show up again, greyed out. It’s driving me insane.

Please help a fellow human regain his sanity. I’m normally good with these things but I’m just out of patience.

Thanks a bunch!

(I apologize in advance if this is covered somewhere in the manual or on this forum; seems like I’m so annoyed that I can’t see it!)


The Metadata Database Manager can removed missing files for you.

When the view opens you will see missing files and you can removed them from the database


I’m not worthy! :slight_smile:
Thanks a bunch!