Impossible to spot MP3 files

I use Audio Finder for years but every time I want to spot a MP3 file (to Protools or Logic), I have this message : “the sound file is unsupported”.
Do you have the same problem?
Do you know how to fix it?
Thank you very much.
Simon, from France

It was designed to export the sounds as PCM first, but perhaps that’s not working? I’m until to test right now because my ProTools install is completely broken and my license expired. I’ll try and get you more info once that’s fixed. I’m not really ProTools user, I use Ableton.

Hi. Thank you very much for your answer.
Spotting WAV files works, but not MP3, and in fact, it isn’t limited to Protools, I work also with Logic and it doesn’t works :frowning:
I’m a sound designer and I spot a loooooot of files every day :slight_smile: It is annoying :slight_smile:
I have the last version of logic, AudioFinder and Protools.

Is spotting MP3 working in Ableton?

Thank you very much.

Ableton doesn’t support spotting, My l license for Logic and ProTools apps has expired, so I can’t test right now. But, I’ll circle back on this.