Instant Finder Selection Playback Please

please increase the speed of Finder Selection playback.
Currently it takes quite long until the file get played.
Even macOS Quicklook is faster.

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If you want to make finder selection work faster - turn off waveform preview.

Options - Show Waveform Preview. :slight_smile:

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And what advantage do I have the over just using finders quickwatch ?
Anyways its still to slow. I am looking after teh speed of quicklook or snapper

I find Audio Finder to be amazingly snappy when Iā€™m using playlists inside the program. I rarely use it in Finder Selection Mode.
You can drag folders from finder straight inside the program and search them that way. Just drag and drop the folder on the playlist area in a sidebar group.

Also, having your files on an SSD as opposed to an HD will also make a big difference in read speeds.

Yeh in that usecase it is awesome, But if you want to move files on the drive, finder playber is more useful :slight_smile: