Is anybody out there? (State of current development?)

Been looking into Sample-manager solutions, especially ones that can ‘intelligently’ sort through messily-named stuff and preferably able to take advantage of Mac-specific functionality for speed, streamlining etc.

Have heard about AF for many years, but never had any need. But recently been recommended to tale a look at AF and AC. However, from the state of the forums I’m not sure as to whether this is currently a safe-bet. Either that, or everyone has moved on to a Discord server etc.

Any updates?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Crickets my friend. Crickets…

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That’s a real shame…for users and the developer.

I hope they’re doing ok

What is AC?

I cannot remember where I heard it (might have been at Gearslutz or KVR) but I was told Iced went to work for Twitter or something like that?
I hope that’s the case, that would explain things. Hope he’s doing ok. Thankfully AF still works even on MacOS Ventura. I pretty much can’t live without it nowadays haha.

I’ve had a couple other apps disappear out of the blue and a year or so later out of nowhere comes the dev to announce he had a stroke or something and had to stop working on it. One of those was Bigglesworth, which would have been the ultimate editor for the Waldorf Blofeld had it been finished.

Dude was pretty upset when I sent him an email beginning of this year asking if the project was discontinued and he said no but people constantly assume it is.
I’m still holding out some hope that this is not 80€ abandonware since I bought it a year ago

Yeah I wrote him recently with no reply. It’s looking more and more like he went to work for some big corporation that had him abandon his business for a huge hiring bonus, not unlike Camel Audio and Redmatica.

Yeah but at least Camel and Redmatica were bought up by Apple and became part of Logic. The Camel guys are still on the team AFAIK working on Alchemy (lots of former owners are still a bit miffed about it becoming Logic only).

Love my AudioFinder, I’ve got other apps that can do its job, but it takes more than one to cover all the ground and none of them are laid out in the way AF is. Being able to browse all my samples and check details in the main window, and then a simple double click to open up the editor and make loops/slices/trim/etc is the bees knees. I just hope it keeps running haha. About the only ‘shortcoming’ for me is the audio conversion tools because it makes a new copy of your file. I still use Myriad for that kinda stuff when I get a new sample pack. I have a batch setup to make everything mono, convert to 44.1, normalize, and then it overwrites the originals instead of duplicating them.