Is it possible to add just one file to the AF database?

How does one add a single sound file to the AF database? Is it necessary to reimport the entire folder? Add Sounds Manually doesn’t work for me. thx

Bump. Anyone else have success using Add Sounds Manually? If so could you please explain the procedure to me? I’ve never been able to get this feature to work. Thx.

Tag it or add some metadata and it automatically imports it.

Thanks for responding!

But I use AF to tag and add metadata. If I can’t find the files in the database how can I tag or add metadata to them?

If you want to import use the Import things and you don’t where they are in the side bar. If you have one sound and you know where it is, you can tag it or add some data.

It’s hard to make much sense out of that sentence…but it made me think I should try navigating to the file from the sidebar, which works! Thanks! I also noticed I can just drag audio files into AF. Once they’re tagged or their metadata edited they are entered into the AF database.

Thanks again.