Is it possible to define a different location for Audio Cortex Waveform Preview Cache?

At the moment the Preferences menu item is greyed out in Audio Cortex. Is there a way to have the Waveform Preview Cache on an external Drive. I deleted over 5 GB of Preview Cache. I have all my Audio/SFX files on an external SSD and it would be great to put the Preview files there as well as they take up quite some space.

Thanks, René

The idea behind AudioCortex is to strip out as many confusing options as possible. As the main complaint I hear about AudioFinder is “it’s too hard to use.” – So that’s why there’s no Preferences (yet)

I keep the cache files in ~/Library/Caches/AudioCortex/Waveform Preview Cache

The OS is supposed to delete those automatically when you run out of space. That won’t work for you?

I found the Cache files with »Grand Perspective« because they made up quite a bit of space. I prefer to put Cache files that can get big on a dedicated external SSD (ie for After Effects, Audition, Screen Flow etc.)

So I don’t have to worry that space on my main drive gets more reduced than necessary. I try to keep my system fast with enough free space on my installed drive.


Ok, I’ll add preference for that.

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Thank you very much!

It will be in 6.0.5 once that version is ready.

How are you using AudioCortex so far? I’m curious if you have a workflow.

I follow what you wrote in the manual. I drop in my sounds and then use Audio Cortex to find what I need. Usually most of my sounds have names so it will find them by name but also category which groups them nicely. As you wrote, at the moment it is rather tailored towards music production.

What I like about the Spectrograph is that you can see how the sound »looks« which is really helpful if I want to match it to a certain kind of animation that has movement that is similar to the visual representation of the sound.

I wrote you an e-mail regarding training the AI. I already started analyzing some of my sound effect libraries and will gladly provide them for your model building. All the best, René

mixing Sounds Effects and Music is tricky. I tried that and found that the results get skewed. Like walking becomes a drum loop, or a thud becomes a kick drum.

So my plan is to have customs AI models for different purposes. I’m making a Sound Effects model too :slight_smile: