Is there a way to retrigger samples with *each* press of the spacebar?

I encounter this frequently in AF:

I’m navigating through a folder of, say, kick samples. I have a pattern in mind, and I’d like to hear how each sample sounds playing that particular pattern. Unfortunately, with each press of the spacebar, AF plays the entire sample from beginning to end. In most cases, the kick samples are slightly too long, such that I cannot play the desired pattern, because with each press of the spacebar I always have to wait for AF to finish playing the entire sample. Or I have to load the samples into NI Battery (or something), just to be able to play the desired pattern.

Is there a way to make AF retrigger the sample each time the spacebar is pressed? If not, it would be so nice to have a way to do this without having to leave AF and set up sample playback, when the spacebar would suffice.

I can envision two variations:

  1. If a sample is retriggered before playback has finished, playback continues, and the new playback begins (i.e., playback overlaps).

  2. If a sample is retriggered before playback has finished, playback stops, and the new playback begins (i.e., no overlap).

In the case of kick (or other, short) samples, either variation would be fine. But when auditioning longer samples (e.g., loops or other phrases), overlapping playback might be problematic.

i want to know this too ,its like a graveyard this forum and the program could do with some serious bods doing tutorials guy in demo mode is the best they can come with SAD

Thanks. Unfortunately, as you’ve observed, no one has replied.

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re saying here. What do you mean by “bods”? Perhaps use punctuation, so we know where one sentence ends and the next begins?

The way i do this is to select the samples using the arrow keys. Then use an External Keyboard playing C1 to trigger the samples over and over again in time with the music.

When you use the Keyboard, AudioFinder triggers in more of a ADSR style. When u release a key the music stops.

You can also select a certain portion of audio using the waveform preview and trigger that with the keyboard.

Thanks for this workaround! I really appreciate it.

I don’t always have a MIDI keyboard (sometimes I browse samples on the MacBook Pro). But at least now I know this is available when I’m in the studio.

(Also, since this proves that AF already contains the necessary code to play back samples in “Gate Mode,” I’d ask the developer to please consider adding a toggle for Gate Mode directly on the interface for use with the space bar.)

For the benefit of others, I’ve discovered there are a few steps you must take to enable MIDI playback:

  1. Go to Options > MIDI Input Device, and select the appropriate option for your setup.
  2. Open Preferences, select the Audio Tab, and enable “Gate Mode”:

  1. Finally, be sure MIDI input is enabled in the AF interface. (NOTE: The button turns gray when enabled.)


Yea nice work dude, I forgot about that Midi Gate Mode. I love Audio Finder but it does take a bit of working around.

Just to continue the conversation I would love to see a mode where I can cycle through my samples without ‘autoplay’ on. Being able to just trigger the samples from my keyboard (perhaps a pop up keyboard similar to logic would also be handy)!


Try deselecting Options > Play Sounds When Selected.

Thank you very much kind Sir. Pleasure doing business with you.

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Hey dude, ca ure a legend and you helped me, i’ve found this amazing plugin to use with audio finder. . Its called Hornet Song Key mk3.

It gives you the BPM and Song Key in realtime and is pretty light on CPU to use with Audiofinder. Its been a game changer for me.

Mixed in key also have a software but it dosen’t work with audiofinder at the moment.

Thank you.

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