Is there anyways to make all my samples playback at the same volume?

My samples are at all different levels and when I use the software some samples will sound really loud and others will be very quiet. Like 808s, they’ll sound distorted in the software, but when I drag the sample into my DAW ill realize that the actual sample is not even distorted at all, it was just playing loud in the software.

Why don’t all the samples just play at 0db?

Also is there any way to reduce the latency when previewing sounds? I like to play my music in my daw and listen to the samples in contact but this can be annoying because there’s so much latency when pressing the spacebar, sometimes almost half a bar delayed.

That sounds like an audio interface issue. What are you using?

It’s not my interface. When I’m using AI going through samples its shows the peak Db of each sample. For example, I have one sound that reads +3db and another that’s -3db (All of my samples are different) So when I’m previewing through let’s say (Snares), the playback volume is jumping up and down between various samples. I want to know if there’s a way to make all the sample playbacks play at the same level like 0db? It’s this software that does this, nothing external. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Use the Apple Peak Limiter plugin

You can find it in the Plugins menu and one you set it to where you like it you can make it load automatically

batch gain them in rx audio isotope ,to -3db .it keeps all the names and levels them out, to -3db …

you can click on the file ,in audiofinder and in the menu there is a normalize and a -3db button ,this will make a extra copy of the file but its a quick way of uping the volume …