Logic Spot to DAW issue

MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
Logic Pro X 10.6.2

When I try to spot to Logic, Logic will open up an Import Audio dialog instead of dropping the file in place. I can drag to a track without issue. Privacy is set as shown in release notes.



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Same issue Here…

But it still works well in Mojave…


Same here!:raising_hand_man:t2:
I mailed Iced Audio 2 times but got no reply.

Mac OS 10.15.6
Logic Pro 10.6.0
AudioFinder 6.0.6

Yepp, exactly the same here. Catalina, Logic Pro 10.6.3. No workaround? No News? No reply? Pleeease.

BUMP! Please Iced!! Can we get at least an acknowledgement here?

Same issue here since I’ve updated to Logic 10.6 Big Sur 11.5.2. What’s the best way to get someone from Iced Audio to respond to this bug? Does anyone from the company read these posts? I emailed customer support about an issue early on and after one reply that didn’t fix the problem I never heard back from anyone. The updates took care of that problem but brought this one along. I like the program enough to want to make it work but I wish the support team were more involved in keeping their product working for their customers.

Same issue here. Any solution?

Hi everyone, just recently joined this forum.

I’ve had consistent issues with spotting to Logic X since updating to Monterrey, AF is all up to date. Maddeningly, I have emailed Iced Audio four times to enquire as to when this might be rectified as it negates the point of my using it. However, no dice.

I’m actually stunned by how very poor this all is.