LUFS Measurements

Maybe this is already possible but I just found AudioFinder recently after another app I was using for certain tasks stopped being developed so I’m still getting to know AudioFinder. AudioFinder is actually a better tool for my needs and I’m really loving it, I wish I had found it sooner.

Anyway, one thing that would be nice is if we could get a list of the various LUFS readings of a file (Integrated, Short-Term, Momentary), or at least Integrated when clicking on a file.

I’ve also noticed that with louder material (bigger waveforms), the Waveform Preview Ruler numbers overlap with the waveform a bit and it’s hard to read.

Perhaps there is a setting but I haven’t been able to solve that.

Thanks for such a great piece of software.

Justin Perkins
Mystery Room Mastering

Hi Justin, there is a workaround for this. If you have any Metering Plugins you can load them from the 'Audio Units" section. I sometimes use Voxengo Span to check the frequency content of a chord/bass etc

Thanks George,

The problem here is that Integrated LUFS requires playing or analyzing the entire file which isn’t real practical, especially for long pieces or many files/songs.

An offline analysis is the way to go.

I hope it can be added in the future.