Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina support? Anyone?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a decent sound file library management program, but I have just received my new Mac, and it has come with a preinstalled copy of Catalina. I really don’t want to “downgrade” so I have to ask:

Any idea if/when Catalina support will happen? There really aren’t many programs out there in this price bracket that either have the features I need and support Catalina.

I was genuinely surprised that there is no mention of it when I searched on this forum, so I thought I’d start a topic here.

I’m interested too. I’m thinking about getting the new 16 inch MacBook Pro. It’s Catalina only. I‘d really hate to not be able to use AudioFinder.

I think this company is a one-man operation, so it may be a minute…

I have installed new mac updates before straight away and Audio Finder has always worked fine. I’ve had it for about 5 years now. The guy who makes/owns this product seems like a genuine bloke so i’m sure you can get a refund if it doesn’t work with Catalina.

In regards to library management this programme is absolutely amazing. None of the other Sample management libraries even come close to me. I’m in love with it.

Hi Ssnake,

Catalina is an entirely new beast to previous editions of MacOS. Firstly they’ve completely removed ALL support for 32bit programs. They’ve changed the way security is done, more so than in previous releases. What has worked for you in the past is not applicable here. This MacOS release is a much bigger change, despite the similarities on the surface.

Please note that I actually tried to install Audio Finder, it does not work on my 3 week old Mac. If it’s any consolation, neither does Cubase… without a USB license device. (Software based “e-licensing” apparently was 32bit, and they don’t have an ETA either). The distinct lack of Catalina support on many audio programs (even industry-standard ones) seems to be a much more widespread issue than I originally thought. I would have waited longer to upgrade to Catalina, but my old Mac died of extremely old age, I got a new one, and here we are.

To everyone on the forum, and especially the Iced Audio team:

Now it has become clear to me that maybe the team behind Audio Finder is indeed small. However, Mac OS gets an update every year like clockwork (well compared to Windows anyway) and the betas are generally released to app developers 3 months prior to a production release. Catalina has been officially released for nearly 3 months already… Macs are being shipped with Catalina that will not work with Mojave… and still no sign of compatibility? Not even a response to this post? Honestly, it’s not looking good.

If anyone has any news at all please let me know.

Just got my new Macbook Pro 16inch, was looking for a replacement for Snapper and came across AudioFinder, downloaded the Demo and installed it, seems to work fine !!! It launched in 64bit mode ! Version 5.9.27
Am I missing something ?

Seems to work fine here on Catalina as well - didn’t run into any problems so far.

AudioFinder was built a long time ago to be 64 bit. There should be minimal issues.

I haven’t taken my music protection Mac to Catalina because some plugins I depend on are not ready.

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