Metadata "Description" in Listview

Hi All!

Desperatly trying to display Metadata info in the list view.
All my audio files are Broadcast Waves and contain the description of content labeled “Description” in the Metadata. I can search for it via “Spotlight search” in Audiofinder and it will be displayed under “Show Metadata” Panel on the right side but only after selecting file in listview.

Is there a way to display parts of that Metadata in Listview? Would help preselect by reading description.

Any idea? Would be fantastic!

So the problem here I see here is that Audio Finder uses two types of metadata.

It can read the embedded metadata in the files which you’re seeing in ‘Description’ through the spotlight search.

However, it uses its own user-defined metadata which is stored separately and not written to the file.
This is the metadata that you are able to view in the column area.

As of now, I don’t know of a way to order the embedded metadata like descriptors in the list view.

The only thing I can think of is that Audio Cortex does actually let you view the embedded metadata in a column. However, it just displays the 1st bit of information. Try dragging some files in there and see what comes out.

If it works you could potentially create a massive list in Audio Cortex of all your files. Then have a workflow dragging them back and forth between Audio Finder etc.

Not ideal sorry!

Thanks a lot for your response SsnakeintheGrass.

That’s really a bummer as AF effectively can search within that metada without being able to display it in a convenient manner…

I might find a way to copy or transfer the description field to the first field of the metada AF is able to display in list view. I’ll give it a shot.
Thanks for the advice anyway! If I find a way I’ll post. I can’t believe I’m the only one with this issue.


i got almost the same thing , I have sd2 files embedded metadata inside but audiofinder cant search through it , also I want to know if a way that I can give audiofinder excel file or simple txt and it helps the metadata search ?

SD2 files are somewhat broken of macOS since day one because the format put the metadata in an old classic macOS feature called a resource fork.

I’m working on integrating AC features in AF more seamlessly