Move my audio in my spare drive

how can move my audio in my drive and keep my tags secure. i want to move around and make my audio drive cleaner,and i want to move to a new computer soon, will my tags be ok ,alot of work has gone into this ,thanks

This can be tricky because, it can be done. First we’ll need to backup your current config so if things get wonky you can go back. Tell me more about what features you are using? Are you using lists or the metadata database?

Hi there, I recently made a video about how to reconnect Sidebar lists when moving them to new locations. In my previous vid I also went over using the Database manager to reconnect Tags and Metadata.

These should help you. Definitely test out the techniques small scale and make sure they work for you. Also Backup for sure!

You are making my life so much better thanks for that. I feel super guilty not making tutorials, but I really stink at it. I’m much better at coding

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