Older OSX version compatibility

Hi all. I’m new here but been happily using AudioFinder for years. I think I know the answer to this but checking.

Apple now describe my 2011 MacBook Pro as ‘Vintage’. This means the latest OS I can run is High Sierra (10.13.6). So sadly no AudioCortex my end for now.

Checking which ver of AudioFinder I’m OK running?

Presently I’m on 6.0.5. When checking for updates I’m offered 6.0.6. Should I upgrade or downgrade my AudioFinder ver ?


I’m in a similar situation- vintage mac mini here! ( i7 ). and AF for years too,

I just upgraded to high sierra too - seems like audio finder has really slowed down in this version to me.

I can also open old versions of audio finder from the old partition, so I am using 5.6.8 as its slightly quicker than 6.06

so I think you will be fine. I’m sorted of tempted to go back to the old mavericks partition :smiley:

Hey, thanks for reply. Sorry for tardy response.

Necroposting to say that even on Mojave, quite a bit newer than what y’all are using, I had to step back to version 5 to get AF to be usable at all. Constant beachballing with v6, with very little system resource usage.

Sorry for such a tardy reply, thought I had……
Thanks for your input.

I’ve moved to an ‘legacy’ 2014 MBP running Big Sur & now have AC. Agreed things not at light speed but all is stable & useable.

Positive thoughts Iced will be back with us soon.
Best wishes