Please enable HTTPS for this forum

Hi there,

Just a “heads up” but I got all sorts of security warnings from my browser, my security software and my password software when I registered for this forum. Enabling and enforcing secure HTTP would be a substantial leap forward, and improve the security for all users. Also, by avoiding the security warning messages alone you get some more potential members.

For an experiment, I tried using the HTTPS prefix for the forum’s address, but it did not connect. Clearly it’s not even an option on your web server.

Just a suggestion!

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It’s not as simple as enabling it. It will cost hundreds of dollars per month to set up an encrypted server.

I pay 1.50 EUR for hosting my webpage inlcusive https:

the people who host this forum are called Digital Ocean, I ended up using them because they can run this forum software which so far has been immune to being hacked. If you remember my old phpBB2 was hijacked a few times.

I have just enabled it for the main site. The forum runs on another server, need to figure that out next