Processed audio files don't load in Ableton

I recently normalized a bunch of files in AudioFinder, and many of them trigger an error when I try to drag them onto Ableton: “The file could not be read. It may be corrupt or not licensed”

This is frustrating. The original (unprocessed) files were recorded in Ableton. So what’s the deal here?

My files fall under none of these categories:

The files are 44.1kHz / 32bit / stereo aif’s.

I’d already deleted the unprocessed files, so all I’ve got now are files I can’t use.

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

check this thread towards bottom regarding 32 bit integer files. I don’t know if it’s the same issue you are facing but I had the same or a similar error message to yours trying to load files into ableton that I had processed in audio finder. what i did as a workaround was to change ableton to 24 bit from 32 bit. now that is suboptimal but for the style of music I make it’s not such a big deal and having audiofinder in my workflow is more important.

I also switched to using WAV files universally throughout my workflow to avoid any potential incompatibilities and i haven’t noticed any difference but feel some comfort from knowing I have standardised.