Refresh, scan and import new files added to the library

Hello Iced Audio team,

I have a big folder of samples that took a few days for AudioFinder to scan and import.
I am daily adding new samples and folders to the main one.
How can I tell AudioFinder to scan and import just the new ones to the folder?

Thank you in advance

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You don’t actually need to scan and Import new samples to view/use them in Audio Finder. Importing Files just allows you to use the Database Search to find them.

When you Tag or Rate Files this also adds them to the Database.

You can use the spotlight search, or you can simply search folders without importing/scanning them.

Have you just dragged your Main folder from finder into Audio Finder?

Is there a lot of subfolders inside the main one?

I haver the same issue. I have a folder called #Samples. I have added this folder (and all the subfolders) and saved the list. Over the last few weeks Ive added a few more sample packs, how can I tell AudioFinder to auto add folders to #Samples? or do I have to rescan the folder which’ll include these?