Requested code multiple times


Yes, I saw the topic about email or forum support around the topics, but…

I need to change the email address associated to my license of Audiofinder. How can I reach you if you never answer emails? Also, my old license “number” doesn’t work so how can I get a new one if I never receive any answer to the “Need Code” button?

I´m a bit concerned that I get ignored like this. I’m sry if Im the only one having this problem but its not just one time I have tried to reach you.

Best regards
Niklas Hellgren

This is because you code was sent to you already multiple times in the past, quite a few times actually. Because the codes do not expire you expected to keep the code email. When you request again, you are in the bottom of the queue because I prioritize new users. I need to look up in a database each time your request. Is there a reason you cannot save your code on your computer? Personally I keep a local database of all the serial numbers for software I buy.

I get hundreds of code requests from people who didn’t buy the software at all. Daily I have to triage thru a list of requests from people who didn’t purchase the software. I put a system in place to prioritize people who fresh come from PayPal over having to manually look up people in a database of owners.

The code emails state
“Your Flexiauth Code is at the bottom of this message, please keep it in safe place in case you need it again”

You don’t need to change your email address in the code. The code works fine.

I’ll send you another code (again), please just save the code.
Also I tested the code you received last time on Nov 15, 2018 and it works.

I have my Flexiauth code from the original purchase email…however, I am setting up a new system and the code does not work, the system message after I open audio finder says: “Sorry, the Flexiauth Code is invalid, please try again.”
I did copy/paste it correctly…
You need to help and respond please…or change your licensing model.

It doesn’t expire, but it probably got damaged via email or something. hit me up at —- for obvious reasons i don’t want to post you code here