Scrollbars? - no support

How do I fix this white scrollbar issue? I’ve emailed support, but there’s no response.

Interesting – your window top is also grey instead of black. Did you do that manually somehow? I assume that it’s the newest AudioFinder (5.9.27)? What version of macOS are you using?

Yes, 5.9.27 with macOS 10.13.6

Ah, hm, I have no 10.13 machine here where I could try and replicate that. :frowning: Sorry.

Does anyone have this issue? Would an delete/reinstall help?

Sorry, I’m not able to reproduce that on 10.14 or 10.15. Apple has made it really difficult to try the same code on old versions of the OS. I’ll look into it tho.

This has been an issue since at least 2015 in macOS 10.10. Did you ever attempt re-writing the scrollbars?

That’s how it looks on my 10.14 system and 10.15

I don’t see any scrollbars anywhere on the screenshot you posted.

Does this mean that you won’t be fixing this bug?

Scrollbars are hidden by default. I don’t see the bug. Here’s how it looks when you hover of a scrollbar20%20AM

Here’s how it looks when scrolling


Ahhh!!! Setting the scrollbars to ‘Always’ in the Sys Prefs fixed it (from the 2015 post). Weird, thought I had tried that in the past. Thanks

Now it looks like this: