Shortcuts in Quick Look? (Skip +/- 5secs or MIDI Scrub?)

Hello there,

Just downloaded the demo of AudioFinder and was about to purchase it solely for the QuickLook integration with Path Finder, however I was really hoping there was keyboard or MIDI shortcuts for scrubbing / skipping through a track on auto preview (so I don’t need to click around the file using my mouse all the time).

I spend a lot of time clicking and scrubbing through many files, and the ability to have a MIDI controller in background mode (which is supported) doing a +/- 5sec skip function and/or scrub / alteration of playback speed would be utterly amazing!

I’ve looked through documentation and this forum and unfortunately can’t find any solution or anyone else talking about it, so thought I’d see if anyone else had figured it out.

Cheers all!