Some items from the Process menu are greyed out


I need to pitch shift multiple files in batch, but I’ve noticed the Varispeed/Pitch Shift item, as well as some other items from the Process menu are greyed out (even when I select only one file, whether wav or aiff).

I’ve tried to mess a bit with the preferences to see if anything would unlock it and I’ve looked online for a way to enable these functions, but to no avail.

Does anybody have a clue about how I could activate these functions?

Thank you

Ok, so I was able to answer my own question alone, I’m going to leave this here in case someone else gets the same problem.

AudioFinder doesn’t currently do batch pitch shifting (although I believed this would be a great addition, as well as an option in the power renamer to insert text at a specific position), I finally was able to do both of those operations with a program named TwistedWave.

Turns out in AudioFinder for the pitch shifting to work, you have to select a single sample and push a key on your keyboard that’s not the original pitch. Then the pitch shifting function becomes available.

hey do you know how to export a little highlighted selection thats got pitch or varispeed on it i can only get i to export the whole file pitched shift, not like how i just export say a little bit of audio and put it in a folder can’t find out how to do it cheer

Hey, yes the only way I’d do that in AudioFinder would be to first select the part you want to pitch shift by highlighting it in the miniview, then going to “process/export selection”. Then go to your new export and push the key you want to shift it to, then “process/varispeed/pitch shift” in order to apply the shift.

I know you asked for a way to do it without having to export multiple files in succession, so maybe first you could set an export folder in preferences to put all of your selected cuts, and then go deal with pitch in that folder by setting a new directory for your pitched edits, it might be quicker this way and with less confusion if you have lots of files to deal with. Maybe use the keyboard shortcuts as well (^V and ^P)

I wish there was some kind of solution to do it all in one take, I’m sure it would be possible and useful but for now that’s all I can imagine.