Specify temporary folder for drag and drop

Hi guys,

It will be great to have an option to specify “temporary” location when drag and drop selected portion of a file (when hold Control on Mac) directly to DAW. As for now AudioFinder creates new files in the directory of original sample which mess up my library. I’d be happy to see the option to specify temporary folder for that files, so it will leave my sample libraries folders intact.

Just a small example. Let’s say I selected long acapella in AudioFinder and I’d like to send some phrases from this file to Ableton. I select the desired part, hold Control and drag it to Ableton. Then I select other part and drag it again, etc. As a result there are lots of files in the directory where acapella is located and I prefer to see it in one folder that I can choose. After I could just press Collect and Save in Ableton and it will copy all the used samples into the project folder and after that I can simply delete all the files in this “temporary” folder.

Is it possible to implement? Thanks in advance!

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