Spot to DAW function changed in 5.9.23

Hi, I have found the spot to DAW functionality has changed in the latest update. I used to be able to select a portion of a sound file in AF then hit cmd+tab to my DAW select the track and timeline position then cmd+tab back to AF and use shit+alt+cmd to spot. This would result in the portion of the file being placed in the right position in Protools, Instead, this now spots the whole file. The only way to stop this happening is to add another step after i have gone back to AF which is to re-select the portion of the audio file i want and then spot it to PT. I know this sounds like a small thing but when you are spotting to PT like over 100 times a day this extra step is quite frustrating and adds a large amount of time to the workflow.

Is there any way to allow an option to have the functionality back to the old way?


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Good one, yes plz Iced Audio !

I can’t even spot a file portion to Logic anymore without alt+tabbing. It always spots the whole file. Is that a new preference that I can’t find? :confused:

I have trouble pinpointing the problem. It seems that it doesn’t anymore work once the file is spotted in full to Logic.

@Iced bumping this again, seems other people have the same problem. Is there anyway to fix the issue?? thanks

5.9.23 is old. The latest is 5.9.27 and it does have some fixes for spot to DAW