Spot to DAW - Logic Pro X (Still not resolved in other posts)

HI There;

Sorry but I haven’t found any answers with regards to this problem as previous conversations have gone dead but surely I’m not the only one who wants this resolved!

When selecting an area of audio within Audio Finder and then spotting to Logic it spots the whole file or at least a large portion of it (more than the highlighted selection).

This has worked fine in previous versions.
When you are dubbing and spotting hundreds or more each day this can be make or break - in terms of this software and I’ve championed it until now!
Can anyone help.

Does anybody use this feature! (Spot to Pro Tools/Logic)

All the time (Logic)! No idea about how to fix that problem, though. I get it too, occasionally.

i found it depends on which program you open first im sure stuff works better if you open DAW first then audio finder , ive just joined and left a calling for an answer can answer my question or put me in the right direction cheers

The spot issue for spotting regions should be fixed now in the latest version. It was a regression from adding Mojave support

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