Spotlight Search only showing mp4 results

Hi ! I recently notices that my spotlight search only shows .mp4 files… Which is quite annoying.
I started reindexing Spotlight via the Terminal but it doesn’t work either.
The “real” Spotlight search in finder works fine, my hard drive is full of wav/aiff/etc, and the other ways of searching in AudioFinder (database search, searching through a list) work.
Any help ?

(I’m on 10.14.6)

EDIT : when connecting an external hard drive, the spotlight search works (showing audio results from that drive)

Sigh, so there’s are now hoops you need to jump thru to give AudioFinder access, This tut kind of explains it

Thanks M. Iced, that was the first thought I’ve had. I already gave Audiofinder full disk access (again), repaired permissions, uninstalled, reinstalled, etc, nothing works… :frowning:
That’s weird

I’m sorry, I’m not sure. I need to see if I can find a way to reproduce that. From time to time it’s good to rebuild your spotlight database.