Started a Tutorial Series (User)

Hi there, I’ve just started an Audio Finder tutorial series on Youtube! I’ve been using Audio Finder for probably around 7 years now and feel like I have a good enough understanding of the programme to help teach a little.

My workflow is more towards music production than Film.

This is the second video on Tags and Audio Cortex -


What?! You are my hero. I’m going to promote this. Thank you so much! I have been trying to find time to do make a series of tutorials, but is really busy adding some news features that will blow your mind.

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Hey, No worries at all. Been wanting to do this for ages! Thanks so much for the Twitter post. Got a new tutorial out today if anyone is interested.

Iced Audio Finder Tutorials Organisation & Integration (03)

I’m going to blow your mind, there’s kind of an easter egg in AudioFinder you can drag a Folder to the DEVICES item in the Sidebar, drop on top of DEVICES and it will navigate to that folder and then you can scan. That’s how I use AudioFinder and why I decided to just do away with the Folder Column browser and go with a pure drag and drop in AudioCortex, making it basically a navigate and scan all in one.

I’m planning some much tighter integration between AudioCortex and AudioFinder, but I’m also waiting to see how people are using these together and I found you use cases interesting.

The next release of AudioCortex is going to take the browsing to a new level.

Well done on the tutorial. Thanks again heaps for doing that. Do you have a Patreon? I’d like to donate to it.

Hey, that’s a great tip! Can’t believe I’ve never done that before. Yea I like the way Audio Cortex works where it collects all the folders into one list.

I’m excited about all this new content, just had a look at the beehive related clusters stuff you’ve been working on. Really cool, similar to Atlas which I’ve used for drums before. Will be amazing to see how it handles sample chops - non-drum related samples.

No worries at all. I guess we’re both winning because I’m really enjoying getting into youtube. I’ve actually just set up a Patreon here as well -

Cheers Dude✌️

Can you email me?

Hey guys - Finished my Audio Finder Tutorial Series now in 11 parts.

Here is the link to the playlist - Hopefully this is useful to some of you on here! :slight_smile:

These are what I consider the official AudioFinder tutorials. George has done an amazing job at what I am terrible at.