Sync AudioFinder audition playback with DAW transport


Is this possible? I’d like to be able to use the auto-play through list feature to audition both audio loops & MIDI files IN SYNC with Ableton.

In Ableton when the transport is playing you can Browse through your folders and play files in time. This works for both audio and MIDI files. I haven’t been able to figure out how to get them to sync with each other. Any idea if this is possible already?


No, AudioFinder needs internal access to Ableton to know how to sync, and Ableton won’t provide that.


Maybe when they add a Link desktop SDK I suppose. Not sure, but would this new app called Link to MIDI give you any ideas on how a workaround might work?

Link to MIDI:


Maybe even an iPad interface for the AudioFinder app similar to how Alfred Remote & Keyboard Maestro remote work, but with Ableton Link support built in. That’d be epic.

Essentially just a browser for your samples via an iPad app connected over wifi or lightning cable.


What about adding Rewire support in AudioFinder? Would that work? Rewire handles sync, transport, midi, and audio. Thoughts?


Or Audiofinder as a VST/AU plugin…


i like this idea.

if the samples are on internal hard drive… and u can spot them to Protools… remotely too


it’s not something i can do in a day or two, it will require a fair amount of hacking, but it’s been added to the TODO list :slight_smile:


This is also my biggest wish for Logic Pro X. AU support :slight_smile:


@Iced @Quickmix
FINALLY!!! Ableton is open-sourcing their Link for desktop SDK so (fingers crossed) the next release of AudioFinder will have this feature! :wink:


This is a great idea, I was chattiing to a friend about this recently funny enough.


Any chance this (syncing transports via Link or otherwise) has been added or is in the process? I’ve been on the fence about AF since early last year but this is one big reason I haven’t pulled the trigger. Ableton’s browser is nearly useless if you have a large audio library, but anything external would lose the ability to audition in sync which is just a complete buzzkiller.

I love Link personally and use it from time to time with iOS devices. I think it would be a great way to address this need.


Are we any closer to sync audio with DAW or Audiofinder as a VST just like the Loopmasters VST this would be awesome!!


Take a look at ADSR’s Sample Manager. It’s free!


Yes sample manager works as a VST inside any daw and automatically sync and stretch the loop like ableton for instance, also you can play one shot files with a midi keyboard…
It also automatically recognize if a file is looped or one shot.
The sync is not perfect yet…also the tagging system and the search system is awful and very primitive…but they just released it it’s freeware and they have a long list of features to be added in the future…
If only we could have a combination of audiofinder and Sample manager together…!!! it’s weird we have so many sophisticated VST and sampler around who works amazingly and instead not even one proper Sample Database who works accordingly to the needs of the modern producer…(my 2 cents anyway)


Check out loopcloud, it has a simple io plugin that enable sync to a standalone app. :wink:


So it is possible to sync external apps to a host, how about it guys ?