Tagging / metadata help

I’ve been trying Audiofinder on demo and it is amazing except for one thing. If I tag a file in Audiofinder, and then move it to another location, the tag is lost. The tag field in Audiofinder does not seem to hard write into the tag field of the file itself (I can check this if I look at the file in Finder).

This seems like a major flaw so I suspect I’m doing something wrong. But as I regularly re-organise my files and folders, this makes Audiofinder almost unusable for me. I’ve searched and searched for a similar topic but found nothing.

Would be grateful if someone could help.

Hi there, Sorry no-one has got back to you as of yet. I might be able to offer some assistance.

You correct in that Audio finder does not write to file. If you want to use Audio finder as your main sample management tool you have to practise organising your files as your want them 1st, then dragging them into audio finder.

A good method for doing this on Mac is to Tag all the files and folders before you separate them out. Then when you simply select all the files with that tag and drag them into audio finder.

Furthermore you can also use the ‘Metadata Database Manager’ under ‘Library’ to relink missing files. You have to mess around with manual/automatic relink to get the best results. From my experience it works pretty well.

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My turn to apologise for the late reply. Many thanks, very helpful.