The very beginner tutorial

Hi all. Is there a tutorial/getting started document somewhere? I saw that @SsnakeintheGrass has a video series but I do much better with things I can read than video. If not, I hope someone can answer a few questions. I’m on macOS 11.2.1 and AudioFinder 6.0.5.

  1. My samples live on my NAS. I have set up the prefs to allow scanning of a network drive but the location is sometimes visible in the Browser (and Favorites, as I’ve added it there) and sometimes not. It is mounted according to Finder. It’s just like close and reopen AudioFinder and then it’s back for a while.
  2. It doesn’t seem like the Search field in upper right works recursively (i.e. it doesn’t look in subfolders). True or am I missing something?
  3. Is there any scripting language or export rules capability? My goal in organizing my samples is twofold.
    a. I would like to combine the various sources of samples – ripped samples CDs, downloaded packs, etc – and sort them by type of sample instead of source so that the top-level of the sample filesystem is, say, stuff like Loops, Pads, Bass, etc.
    b. To make them more useful in external hardware such as the 1010 Blackbox. The nav UI on that device is kinda simple so I’d love it if I could choose a set to export and have it build the filesystem structure on the SD card.

Any tips here? Or should I just take notes during the videos? :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi, Iaerm, I’ll do my best to help with some of these but you might have to wait for Iced to get back to you here!

  1. All I know about this is the preferences option to - Scan non-local (Network) file systems. By the sounds of it you’ve already done this so I’m not sure. One thing I do notice with Audio Finder is that is like you to actually Quit the programme (Cmd + Q) in the top left rather than clicking the red cross for it to empty the cache properly. Maybe this will help it reset better for you.

  2. Yes your correct in that the search field doesn’t look in subfolders (same for me). A way around this is to go to the top folder of the subfolders you’re trying to search and drag it onto ‘Device Browser’ (in the left column at the top). You then hit Scan - Your Folder Name - which is in ‘Library’ It will then scan the folder + Subfolders and you use then use the search bar.

The easiest way to do this is usually to click through the folders until you get to an audio file then - Right Click - Show in finder. Which saves you having to look around in the finder to find the folder.

  1. I’m not sure about this one. Audio Finder has an option under Window - Folder Templates which allows you to save a folder set so you have the folder structure as you like. However, I’m unsure if Audio Finder can actually populate these folders using a script. This can obviously be done manually but I think that’s what you’re trying to get around.

Do you want to export manually entered (Audio Finder) tags to the folders automatically?

I have lots of those old Sample CDS and they usually have weird file names etc. How do you know the type of samples for all these files?

Please see the amazing tutorials SsnakeintheGrass is making. I consider those the official tutorials. He’s much better at this than I am!

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