Toolbar - destructive sample editing

since AudioFinder do not support destructive sample editing yet, I created a little app which lets you drag one or more samples to its dropzones to either normalize or group them into a new folder.

the app will be always on to so you can use it at anytime.

The next feature will be destructive sample crop, i did some tests but it doesn’t work reliable yet :slight_smile:

If anyone like to improve or try here ya go:


A simple application with destructive sample editing

quickly normalize (-0.1) audio sample’s based on sox and electron.
Just drag one or more sample to the dropzone.

!!! Warning, this is a destructive normalizer it will replace the source file{s} !!!

Move dragged files to a new folder (name based on the first file)

Currently only tested under Windows 10 and macOS Mojave


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Thank you for this. For those of us who do not know how to install the app could you please provide instruction. Also is it possible to set the app to normalize -3db?


keep in mind taht this is experiemntal, so no warranty.
Ok you need to isntall sox :
I have created a -3 version here :