Transferring Saved Lists

Is there any way to transfer contents in saved lists without duplicating/exporting media? This would be amazing in helping my team. Im not trying to use tags for this. Our files already contain many tags and it wouldnt be helpful to just add and subtract “temporary” tags for what we need. Saved List of: “Artist A” with audio files, and can transfer “Artist A” list to team that has those same audio files.


Hi yes, I believe this could be possible. Check out my video on reconnecting files to lists.

Ok so I’ve tested this somewhat and I think it will work. Your lists are stored in this folder location - /Users/YOURNAME/Library/Application Support/AudioFinder/Scans

You can drag the desired lists across to a new computer into this folder. They will appear in your ‘Saved Lists’ column in Audio Finder.

You can then use the TextEdit method of reconnecting lists to relink the files to the new computers.

Let me know if you have problems


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Thanks Jrod for asking and SsnakeintheGrass for replying… & with a video…it can be good to share…

Great stuff, I had nearly given up with some saved lists after migrating to a new computer & HD. Just tried the text edit method…happy days…

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